BPA and Mercury Free Dentistry

Protecting Your Health with BPA and Mercury-Free Dentistry

In the past, all dentists used amalgam fillings. Amalgam fillings contained about 50% of mercury, which exposed patients to the toxic substance. Now, advanced technology has provided us with safer treatment options. Our doctors have embraced emerging technology and we no longer use sliver amalgam fillings. We now offer a safe mercury free alternative filling in the form of tooth-colored composite resin. We are proud to be a BPA (Bishphenol A) and Mercury-free dental office.

You will find that mercury free fillings appear to be more natural and attractive. However, there more benefits to mercury free fillings than just their overall appearance. Mercury-free composite resin contributes a longer life span to your fillings because it bonds directly to your tooth, without requiring much removal of your tooth’s remaining healthy tooth structure. After the bond is completed, a durable seal is formed to help prevent future tooth decay. Composite resin fillings are resistant to breakage when exposed to extreme temperatures.

If you’re located in the Howard, Carroll, or Montgomery counties and want to receive exceptional care from doctors who have your best interest at heart and truly believe in using biocompatible, mercury free materials visit Teitler Family Dental Care today!