Low Radiation Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays: Clearer Images, Lower Radiation

At Teitler Family Dental care, we not only take your oral health seriously but also your overall health. While x-rays use a minimal amount of radiation and considered to be safe, even small amounts of radiation can add up over time. This is why we provide advanced digital x-rays in place of traditional dental x-rays that expose you to higher levels of radiation.  Digital X-rays require significantly lower levels of radiation.

In order to provide you with exceptional preventive care, x-rays may be required at some routine check ups to help provide our team with detailed information regarding the health of your smile. Digital X-rays also help us determine the condition of crowns, bridges, fillings, and root canals. If x-rays are required during your visit we will gently take digital x-rays. After your digital X-rays are completed you will be able to instantly review the X-rays on the computer screen with your dentist.

One of the many great advantages of digital x-rays is that they provide us with a higher density and contrast quality image of your tooth. The higher quality of X-ray allows our team to easily detect infection, gum disease, and tooth decay. The digital technology also allows your dentist to magnify and highlight problem areas of your tooth.

For more information about our digital x-rays or to request a diagnostic X-ray, please contact our office.